Priest Abilities - Siem

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Furthering nature Harming nature
Acts of eco-terrorism Hurting Ilsiri for any reason
Wandering nature and meditating upon and praising its wonder Hurting Sindarin/Khuzdul unnecessarily
Helping Ilsiri  
Helping Sindarin/Khuzdul  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Speak with Sindarin/Khuzdul 0 Understand and speak their languages fluently for 1 hour. 1dp
Speak with Animals 0 Speak with and understand natural animals for 10 minutes. 1dp
Dreams 0 Send priest-defined dreams to a target. 1dp
Speak with Earth -10 Speak with and understand the very ground itself for 10 minutes. 1dp
Speak with Plants -10 Speak with and understand plants for 10 minutes. 1dp
Speak with Ilsiri -10 Understand and speak their language fluently for 10 minutes. 1dp
Heal -10 Heal damage. 1dp per d4 of damage healed
Forgetfulness -10 If the target fails a will roll, the priest can make the target forget a given event. 2dp +2dp per will roll minus
Finding Way -10 Allows the priest to divine the compass direction to anyplace known to him or her. 2dp
Sleep -20 Puts a creature into a deep natural sleep if it fails a will roll. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Control Animals -20 Gives the priest control over a natural animal for 10 minutes if it fails a will roll. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Cure Sickness -30 Drives disease or poison from the body of the recipient. 4dp
Control Plants -30 Controls an area of plants for 10 minutes 1dp per 20 cubic feet of plants
Summon Animals -30 Summons all natural animals (not counting insects) within a given radius to the priest. 1dp per 100 yards of radius
Summon Ilsiri -40 Causes the nearest Ilsiri to find its way to the priest in (d6+4)x10 segments 2dp
Use Holy Grove -50 Allows the priest and comrades to use a Harnic holy grove. 5dp per person
Find Holy Grove -50 Gives the priest the compass direction to the nearest holy grove. 2dp
Travel to the Perfect Realm -60 Takes the recipient to the perfect realm for 24 hours. 10dp
Enchant Weapon/Armor/Item -60 Permanently blesses a weapon, adding magical bonuses to it. Increase weapon bonus: 1dp per 1%
Increase weapon damage: 4dp per +1 to damage
Increase weapon speed: 8dp per speed class reduction
Summon Siem or His Servants -80 Siem is fairly laid back, but is likely to be disinterested in human matters unless it can be demonstrated that they significantly impact nature, the Ilsiri, or the Khuzdul or Sindarin. Siem: 100dp
Sweldre, Serenial: 50dp


Alchemy: Priests of Siem may use their priest percentage as a percentage in alchemy for locating herbs with simple healing or drug properties. Note that these will tend to be weaker than potions or alchemical drugs.

Other Skills: Priests of Siem typically have skills related to their calling. Common examples: Any woodcraft skills, Animal training, etc.