Priest Abilities - Save-K'nor

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week) Allowing forbidden knowledge to get out
Accumulating knowledge for the church (including rare books, scrolls, little-known historical facts, etc.)  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Understand Languages 0 Priest can speak and understand any language for one hour. 2dp
Read Languages 0 Priest can read any language for one hour. 1dp
Light -10 A light emanates from the priest, illuminating a 60 foot radius. 1dp
Detect Lie -10 Priest will know for 10 minutes if any statement he hears is a lie. 2dp
See Through Illusions -20 Priest will recognize any illusion as such for 10 minutes. 2dp
Divination -20 Priest can divine the answer to a question about a person place or thing. 4dp +2dp per days in the future or 1dp per years in the past +1dp per 5 leagues distant
Hypnotic Story Telling -30 Listener must make will roll to resist being enthralled for the duration of the priest's story (up to 1 hour), then must make will roll again to resist believing the story, no matter how wild. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Confusion -30 Target must make will roll to resist being incapacitated with confusion for 10 minutes. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Speak with Save-K'nor or Servant -50 Priest may ask one question of Save-K'nor or Althar. Save-K'nor is guaranteed to know the answer, Althar will probably know it, but whether or not they will answer, and answer honestly, depends on whether or not answering the question benefits Save-K'nor. Save-K'nor: 10dp
Althar: 5dp
Summon Save-K'nor or His Servants -80 Remember that he has little patience for fools. Save-K'nor: 100dp
Althar: 50dp
Vaenya: 20dp


Alchemy: The priest's skill minus 20% may be used as his or her sill at producing any form of alchemical product.

Other Skills: Priests of Save-K'nor may dabble in any intelligence-centered skill, including magic.