Priest Abilities - Sarajin

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Taking loot, land, women Backing down from a fight
Killing dragons and other bloody great huge monsters  
Killing enemies in combat, 1dp per enemy killed by the priest in a fight  
Fighting heroic battles  
Getting vengeance against blood foes  
Fulfilling adventurous quests  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Find Way -10 Divine precise compass directions to any place known to the priest 2dp
Battle Lust -10 Prayer recipient's strength is increased, needn't make will rolls to stay conscious, will never opt to dodge, parry or flee, will fight until foes are vanquished or prayer wears off after 300 segments 2dp +1dp per strength point increase
Bless Ships -20 Reduce any damage effect die roll on the ship by 1 5dp
Heal Battle Wounds -30 Heals points of damage taken in combat 2dp
Frost Blade -30 Bathes a weapon in ice, adding to weapon's damage (lasts 300 segments) 1dp per added damage point
Icy Winds -40 Icy blast does damage to target with 60 feet 1dp per d4 of damage
Control Winds -60 Alters wind speed and direction 1dp per mph of wind
Quest -70 Target that fails will roll will feel a compulsive need to accomplish whatever goal is set by the priest until the target can show that the goal has truthfully been accomplished or the prayer wears off. 2dp per week of duration +2dp per will roll minus
Enchant Weapons -70 Permanently blesses a weapon, adding magical bonuses to it. Increase weapon bonus: 1dp per 1%
Increase weapon damage: 4dp per +1 to damage
Increase weapon speed: 8dp per speed class reduction
Summon Sarajin or His Servants -80 Have plenty of beer on hand. Sarajin: 100dp
Pradeyalkri: 50dp
Elkyri: 20dp
Avalir: 15dp


Priests of Sarajin are expected to be proficient in all forms of physical combat, and can be expected to have melee skills. In addition, they are often accomplished sailors.