Priest Abilities - Peoni

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week) Harming another for any reason
Converts (1 per true convert) Selfishness
Sacrifices of agricultural produce Indifference to suffering
Meditation & fasting (1 per day of fasting)  
Superlative Selflessness  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Heal Wounds 0 Heals hit points of damage taken for any reason 1dp per d6 of damage healed
Fertile Earth -10 Causes land to produce its maximum yield of crops regardless of growing conditions 1dp per acre
Restore Balance -20 Removes fear, insanity, or any other bad vibes from recipient 2dp
Heal Sickness -20 Drives disease or poison from the recipient 4dp
Cause Calm -20 Targets who fail a will roll will feel relaxed, happy, and friendly toward caster. May also develop munchies. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Protection from Evil -40 Makes prayer recipient immune to prayers of Agrikan, Morgathian, or Navehan priests, as well as death magic. 3dp
Resurrect -80 Brings a dead creature to life #dp equal to will of dead creature plus 1dp for every day creature has been dead
Call Peoni or Her Servants -80 Prepare for cosmic mellowness. Peoni won't get hostile with her servants, but might be dismissive unless the boon being sought is completely selfless and there is no way for the priest to accomplish the goal without her help. Peoni: 100dp
Tirrala: 50dp
Belsirasin, Maermal, Yaselde: 30dp


Alchemy: Priests of Peoni may use their priest percentage as a percentage in alchemy for developing healing potions, balms, plant based potions full of natural goodness.

Other skills: Priests of Peoni typically have skills related to their calling. Common examples: Farming, fishing, any basic rural life skills.