Priest Abilities - Morgath

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week) Being just, charitable, merciful, nice, etc.
Converts (1 per true convert) Not killing Peonian priests if a convenient opportunity has presented itself.
Sacrifices (1 per will point of ritually sacrificed human)  
Furthering Chaos  
Killing Peonian Followers (1 per follower plus 1 per 5% of priest skill for Peonian priests).  
Drinking Human Blood (1 per each human whose blood is consumed)  
Destroying Peonian Temples  
Laying waste to an area (1 per acre rendered desolate and lifeless)  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Speak with Dead 0 Priests can speak with dead whose souls have not yet been claimed by some deity besides Morgath. Can always speak with dead Morgathians. Must have corpse on hand. 1dp
Control Undead 0 Undead creatures which fail a will roll will be under the priest's control for 1 hour. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Cause Fear -10 Creature which fails a will roll will be overcome by horrible fear. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Inflict Pain -20 Creature which fails a will roll will be incapacitated with pain. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Cause Insanity -20 Creature which fails a will roll will go stark raving mad. 1dp +1dp per will roll minus
Cause Oozing Wounds -20 Target touched by the priest will have open disgusting wounds appear on its body. 1dp per d4 of damage to target
Summon Undead -30 Causes gulmorvrin to appear before the priest in (d6+4)x10 segments. 3dp per gulmorvrin summoned
Create Undead -30 Allows the caster to make a dead creature into an undead creature and give it abilities. 1dp per dead creature's hit points +1dp per intelligence point the creature is being given by the priest +#dp for cost of options from "Undead Options Chart" below
Cause Possession (Gulmorvrin) -40    
Death -50 Causes target creature to fall over dead on the spot if it fails a will roll. #dp equal to target creature's hit points +2dp per will roll minus.
Become Undead -80 Causes priest to become undead and live forever (as long as he or she makes the maintenance cost), also, can give the priest other abilities. Initial Cost: #dp equal to priest's will +#dp for cost of options from "Undead Options Chart" below.
Maintenance Cost: 10% of initial cost (round up) per month, forever, payment due on the 26th of every month (Shadryn/Vars holiday), fail to meet maintenance cost and Morgath collects your soul instead.
Summon Morgath or His Servants -80 have to be really desperate to want to try this. Morgath: 100dp
Klyss: 70dp
Mrvria: 50dp
Amrovrin: 30dp
Undead Options Chart Divinity Point Cost
Red glowing eyes 1dp
Hit point increase 1dp per hit point gained
Strength 2dp per strength point gained
Ability to see in darkness 5dp
Fear aura (creatures within 5 yards make will roll or flee in fear) 5dp +1dp per will roll minus
Flight 10dp
Ability to not look like a rotting corpse 10dp
Darkness (undead can engulf area with 5 yards in blackness at will) 10dp
Undead can only be hit by silver or magic weapons 10dp
Change shape to another form at will (form must be picked in advance - note that this option can be selected additional times to get more forms) 10dp +1dp pr 10%size change
Rotting stench (once per hour undead may emit a rotting stench which will incapacitate creatures within 5 yards who fail a constitution roll) 10dp +2dp per constitution roll minus
Regeneration (undead regenerates lost hit points every 10 segments) 10dp +2dp per additional hit point regenerated
Gaseous form (undead may take the form of a mist at will) 20dp
Undead can only be hit by magic weapons 20dp
Paralysis touch (touched creature must make a will roll or be paralyzed for 60 segments) 20dp +1dp per will roll minus
Insanity aura (creatures within 5 yards must make will roll or go insane) 20dp +2dp per will roll minus
Vampiric touch (drains a d6 of hits from opponent touched and adds the hits to undead creature's hits for 60 segments) 30dp
Invisibility (undead creature may go invisible at will) 50dp
Death aura (creatures within 5 yards must make will roll or lose 1 hit point every 5 segments) 50dp +3dp per will roll minus
Eye of death (creature can cast evil eye (speed class V action) on a target within sight, causing the target to make a will roll or fall over dead) 100dp +5dp per will roll minus