Priest Abilities - Larani

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week, counting wealth, armor, weapons, land) Cowardice
Donation of magic weapons and armor to the church Mistreating servants or serfs
Converts (1 per true convert) Slaying or torturing helpless foes
Glorious battle against insurmountable odds Lack of fidelity to rightful lord
Services to the church Lack of marital fidelity
Heads of Agrikan or Morgathian priests taken in fair combat (1 per 10% of slain priest's skill) Allowing injustice as defined by chivalric code
Destroying Agrikan or Morgathian temples Denying the right of trial by combat
Deeds of heroic valor Mistreating Peonians
Protection of and service to Peonians  
Slaying undead and demons  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Heal Battle Wounds 0 Heals damage taken in combat. 1dp per d6 of healing
Remove Fear -10 Removes fear from creature. 1dp
Protection from Undead -10 Recipient of prayer will not be attacked by undead creatures. 1dp
Charm Weapon -10 Makes it possible for weapon to hit creatures which can only be hit by magic weapons (lasts 60 segments). 2dp
Protection from Evil -20 Recipient of prayer is immune to the prayers of Agrikan and Morgathian priests. 2dp
Banish -20 Sends undead creature fleeing for 60 segments if it fails will roll. 1dp + 1dp per will roll minus
Heroic Battle Skill -40 Increases all of recipient's combat skills for 60 segments. 1dp per 5% increase to skills.
Protection from Magic -50 Recipient of prayer is immune to any sort of magic. 5dp
Obliterate Undead -60 Causes undead creature to explode into tiny flaming bits of rubbery rotting flesh. 1dp for every 3 hit points of creature
Resurrect Fallen Heroes -80 Brings back to life heroes who have fallen in combat (must be performed within 1 half hour of death). #dp equal to fallen hero's will
Call Larani or Her Servants -80 Be prepared to explain yourself. Unless you are calling one of the Knights of Tirith, help in a fight is not justification. Larani expects her priests to do their own fighting. Larani: 100dp
Mendiz: 70dp
Valamin: 50dp
Knights of Tirith: 25dp


Priests of Larani are expected to be proficient in all forms of physical combat, and can be expected to have melee skills.