Priest Abilities - Ilvir

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week) Mistreating an Ivashu
Sacrifices (1 per soul ritually sent to Ilvir)  
Pieces of Heroes, Monsters, Demons, Gods  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Talk to Ivashu 0 Priest may speak with and understand any Ivashu. 1dp
Heal -20 Heals damage (note that scar tissue has rubbery quality of ivashu flesh). 1dp per d6 of healing
Summon Ivashu -40 Causes the nearest ivashu to find its way to the priest in (d6+4)x10 segments. 4dp
Control Ivashu -40 Ivashu which fails will roll will be under priest's control. 1dp + 1dp per will roll minus
Shape Change to Ivashu -40 Priest may take the form of ivashu of choice (lasts 1 hour). 1dp + 1dp per 10% change in size.
Shape Change -50 Priest may take the form of any creature (lasts one hour). 1dp + 1dp per 10% change in size.
Reincarnate as Ivashu -70 Creature's soul is routed to Ilvir and creature is reborn as Ivashu. May be done as long as soul is not preempted by some other deity. #dp equal to dead creature's will
Create Ivashu -80 Priest may make any sort of Ivashu desired, assuming priest has appropriate amount of clay to create the form with. 1dp per point in each statistic (must have at least 1 in each) +dp's at ref's discretion for other abilities.
Summon Ilvir or His Servants -80 Ilvir and his minions are not as bad about this as most others are, though their behavior, manner of speech and methods are often inscrutable. Ilvir: 100 dp
Ibeenis, Sudelrhynn, Chuchlaen: 50 dp