Priest Abilities - Agrik

Gain Divinity Points for... Lose Divinity Points for...
Donations (1 per 10% of highest amount of wealth in preceding week. Charity
Converts (1 per true convert) Neglecting to kill the follower or priest of Larani if a convenient and easy opportunity to get away with it has presented itself.
Gaining political and territorial power for the church. Losing a battle for any reason. No excuses.
Sacrifices (1 per 10% of combat skill of sacrifice, plus other possible points)  
Wasting the followers of Larani (1 per follower, plus 1 per 5% of priestly skill of priests)  
Laying waste to people, buildings, towns, cities, continents, worlds....  
Destroying Laranian temples  
Prayer Name Difficulty Description Divinity Point Cost
Make Fire 0 Creates a small fire on a flammable object. 1 dp
Heal Battle Wounds -20 Heals damage received in battle. 1 dp per d4 healed
Control Fire -20 Makes an existing fire follow the priest's commands. 1 dp per square meter of fire controlled
Aggravate Wound -20 Adds damage to the next successful strike by weapon (within 60 segments). 1 dp per d4 of added damage.
Strength -30 Adds to strength of priest or character touched by the priest 1 dp per strength point
Inflict pain -30 Causes incapacitating pain in target that fails a will roll, but no physical damage. 1 dp + 1 dp per will roll minus
Flaming Weapon -30 Bathes a weapon in flame, adding to weapon's damage (lasts 120 segments) 1 dp per added damage point.
Throw Fire -40 Sends a fire blast up to 90 feet. 1 dp per d4 of energy damage.
Smite -50 Does damage to a target within eyesight of the priest. 1 dp per d4 of damage to target.
Sickness -50 Target becomes ill. Roll vs. con every day or lose one constitution point. Continue until target is dead or disease is cured. 3 dp
Flame On -50 Causes priest to be surrounded by fire, doing damage to bystanders every ten segments. Lasts for 60 segments. 1 dp per d4 of damage to anyone within physical reach of the priest. Anyone else within 10 feet of priest takes d4 of damage.
Immolate -60 Target that can be seen by the priest bursts into flame, taking d4 of damage every 5 segments until fire is extinguished by some normal means. 5 dp
Plague -80 Infects target with Sickness as in prayer above. However, this version is highly contagious. Anyone within 10 feet of target must make Con roll every hour (and every time they come in physical contact or share food or items, etc.) or catch the sickness too (in which case they are contagious too, etc.). A good way to destroy troublesome towns. 50 dp
Call Agrik or His Servants -80 You'd better have a good explanation for doing this on your lips when you do it. A priest who asks Agrik for help with a fight is merely admitting to being weak and unworthy. Agrik: 100 dp
Pameshlu: 50 dp
Vhir: 30 dp


Priests of Agrik are expected to be proficient in all forms of physical combat, and can be expected to have melee skills.